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Let’s get exclusive

Putting yourself out there is scary.

Being open about what goes on within. Being clear about what you bring to the table. Being able to stand up and say:

Here, I made this.

Then, doing your best and producing just enough for the platform to recognize you.

This post got 2 000 views in a day. I don’t know why. Turns out, I don’t want to know.

This post got 2 000 views in a day. I don’t know why. Turns out, I don’t want to know.

When you’re ready put in the hours, they will recognize you. I was lucky to catch some early traction and get published on some publications on Medium and elsewhere. 

But that’s not why we create.

David Brooks shares in his New York Times op-ed, that most social media sites create irregularly timed rewards, luring you into checking your account compulsively because you never know when a burst of social affirmation may come.

These platforms are designed to exploit human vulnerability.

I don’t believe social media is downright evil. I believe we haven’t evolved to deal with this sort of human interaction. While we’re waiting to evolve, I want to get things done.

I’ve been thinking how to escape this reward loop while continuing to utilize social media. Long ago, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Sometimes, I would put it back and try to make it clumsy to access so I wouldn’t compulsively check notifications.

It wouldn’t take long before I would check the phone compulsively. Being a professional procrastinator I wasn’t ready to leave more leeway to the Resistance.

It’s important to note that at that point most of my notifications were already off.

I deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from my phone. 

I got off the hook. But…

I must spread my work and connect with people.

Enter e-mail.

I’ve been thinking about moving to my own space for a while now. My own platform with my own rules. No distraction, just intention.

I turned off comments and I don’t check the views, because then I would spend all my time obsessing about the numbers.

My goal with this blog is to organize and share meaningful thoughts, notes, tips, and advice.

Stories that help people improve, grow fulfilled, and connect.

This is not for everyone. But it may be for you.