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It's not a race

Write now, edit later.

How many people do you know who write now and edit later? You know, those who actually stick to it. Those who publish regularly.

Not many I guess. Your best work does come out from a process of making and spilling and forcing. And then stepping back and having a look. Tilting your head and thinking about it. Reading out loud, taking perspectives.

Some make here and edit and publish there. Separate physical places, separate tools. Discern the two with physical barriers and sensory experience.

Make now, finish later. It seems like it would go against the achiever in you. It doesn’t.

Martin Uhnak
Safe choice

Change doesn't happen with safe choices.

Multiple failures are almost exclusively followed by innovation. The sprout of something valuable. The test doesn't teach creativity. The test teaches to be average. The test shows the safe choice.

But we want to go beyond. We set out to do things that might not work. We think about things in ways that are not intuitive. Some of them are even downright dumb and futile. Most of them are shit.

But that's the price you pay if you set out to make change happen. It doesn't happen with the safe choice.

Martin Uhnak
Real work

The apparent reason for building the perfect portfolio is:

Do the work you love. Get (better) clients.

What if you can do the work anyway? What if your clients are good enough? What if there is enough opportunity coming your way? Even then, should you be building that perfect portfolio?

I love to think about concepts that communicate a specific value, a story or a situation. And the same thing happens whenever I’m thinking about a project to take on. My mind jumps to the “what do we call this thing” question.

It may be part of the lizard brain that goes above and beyond to defer real work. Yet, making brands, marks and systems is work, too. Satisfying work. But it may not be what I set out to do in the first place.

This is where the Work comes in. This is the hard work, the work of the professional. The work you put in when it’s expected of you, under the deadline.

The professional sets his own goals and delivers on all milestones. She is focused and reliable. Take the right step today and come back tomorrow. Clients are ready, opportunities are plenty.

Are you still building the portfolio? Or are you doing the Work?

Martin Uhnak
Present moment

My only teacher.

Whatever the situation, presence will show up for the task. She is the guide for the anxiousness. She is the ultimate authority. She manifests the impermanence of things.


We can all enjoy a little present moment attention. This one is a gift.

And this.

And this.

Martin Uhnak
We're no workers

We're makers.

Sure, we put in the work. Yet primarily, we make things. Things with no blueprint.

The blank canvas. Those things with no answers provided, that is the work to be appreciated.

If you're willing to go where few have gone, that's where you find your price. Your price is negatively correlated with the number of makers in your category.

What's your category?

Are you one of us?