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The one with a lot of bad ideas

Are you safe?

Are you indispensable?

You could be that guy. The one they call when they need it done. The one they won’t fire when the economy goes haywire.

The fact is that you can become indispensable. It’s simpler than it sounds.

They say no one is safe in this economy. No job is safe, none can rest. You must improve, expand your limits, extend your expertise, narrow your expertise, become an expert, become a guru.

In fact, you need something else. The 10 000 hours is not enough.

You need to do things that might not work. You need loads of ideas. More than that, you need loads of bad ideas. 
 Do you know who had a lot of bad ideas? Bad ideas like the Portable Macintosh or the iPod Shuffle?

A good idea is only as good as the brief. When you fit the scope, when you’re good at your job, then you bring a good idea. They might say this is what we were looking for. It may even satisfy them. But next time, they will look for someone to do the job again.

Because a great idea is great because everyone thought it wasn’t, and they were wrong. It’s something they didn’t know they wanted. But now, they love it. And next time, they will know what they want.

Next time, they will call you.