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Speak less, say more

How much is enough?

I made a website for our studio and said very little. Some thought that anyway.

There are those who get it. And there are those who don’t. Those who do are the ones we like. Those who care enough to think about the meaning. About the why. Those open to connect with the emotion.

This is slow food as opposed to fast food. Slow fashion vs fast fashion. This is slow work. Not too slow but not fast. It’s thoughtful work. It’s writing when I have something to add. It’s posting when I have something to say not because it’s Tuesday.

Slow food vs. fast food

Doing the work for those that are ready to listen. It won’t spell it out for you. I’ll do something better. I’ll think about it a lot, I’ll put in the work to make it better. I’ll put in the work to make you think. If you care enough you will connect. Connect to the emotion that is necessary to create something new.

This will not get me views. My most viewed post has 5k views and I have no idea why. My favorite post has 700. Don’t look at the numbers.

If you show up, they will have to look for you.

The maker has another job as well. She must must find those that care and make it better for those that care enough to buy in. Those who repay the gift. She must make it easy for them to find her.

If you just make it, they won’t come. If you make it good enough, if you show up, they will have to look for you.

Those are your true fans, your best clients, your friends. Those are the ones that get it.

Those who got it reached out about our work. Those who didn’t, those reached out to say they didn’t get it. Thanks for reaching out.

I said just enough.

Don't think

Are you sitting down?

You’ve done done the majority of what it takes.

Writing is more about sitting down than having the right ideas and the right words to express them. Writing is more about sitting down than anything else.

When you sit down and write, something will come out of it. Words will step up to fight the blank page. Some of them good. Most of them bad. Most of it will be crap.

Same with ideas. Most of them are crap. That's the balance. 80 percent of production is crap so the remaining 20 can be something. In fact, the 80% percent of work is work that needs to happen to give birth to the minority good. This is practice.

I have this habit I fall back to when I lose momentum with writing.  When you think about writing, it makes you wonder about that genius idea that you'll write down when it comes. When it doesn't come, no idea is good enough. In fact, if you don't sit down, no idea is good enough.

The habit has a name. I gave it a name so I can quickly identify I'm doing it. I call it thinking in titles.

When I don't write regularly I start thinking in titles. I believe it's self explanatory.

What's wrong with titles? A title doesn't develop. A title is not a story. It's a summary. It's a single point. Usually, when I think about something and I come up with a title first, it's a dead end.

I don't want to preconceive notions for my work. It's not a hit job. I want to think it through along the way. It's a journey.

When I sit down to write, when I remember a story and type it up, it always develops. It becomes something else. Sometimes good. Most of the times bad. But see, bad is important.

I don't always remember a story, and I don't always sit down. What would I write about if I sat down? Those times, nothing gets made. No doors open.

Tonight, just sit down.

A dependable creative professional

A dream?

A designer who challenges global design trends?

A person that provides customer service better than an agency?

A world-class design expert with more than 10 000 hours under his belt?


Enter Michal, one of the true freelance professionals out of Slovakia. It’s been a privilege to work with him and learn from him.

When we first met, he shared an idea that proved to be true over and over. He said it’s better to make friends with your clients than do business with your friends.

Better to make friends with your clients than having friends as clients.

His specialties are corporate identity and packaging but he doesn’t shy away from any creative challenge.

He’s a linchpin. He goes beyond what you ask for. That’s risky. It requires courage, persistence and discipline. Because most ideas won’t work. But if you’re willing to go beyond the scope, you will find the ideas that do work.


Ideas you didn’t know you were searching for. Solutions that attract people and win awards.

In my experience with him as a client and a collaborator I’ve seen this firsthand. He has a true artistic creative process which he doesn’t put on your shoulders. You don’t see it but he’s sweating. For you.

Most ideas are bad ideas.

You don’t see it because he’s a true professional. He hits deadlines, he’s reachable and committed.

He’s working to get there even if it means most of his work will go to waste. I have personally seen him shelf multiple projects just to help the client get what they want.

There aren’t many people I can absolutely count on. This guy is one of those people. You can reach out to him here.


Moving on

My blog has a new home. I’m moving my work to my own domain.

Platforms offer a lot to earn and a lot to lose. There is traffic you wouldn’t otherwise get. There is a community. And in case of Medium, there are clever ways to get discovered as a starter.

While a platform is growing, it’s precious. When it gets big, like YouTube, it gets tougher to get discovered. People figure out how to work the system and that’s a lot of trouble you need to take care of if you want to keep the level of engagement. Time that could be used otherwise.

Then there is the inability to differentiate yourself. Everyone gets a 160 character bio and a profile pic. You are one of the accounts, which sometimes feels great. More and more prolific authors sign up for Medium and it’s nice to be akin. But you are one of the accounts. Same as thousands (or millions?) of others.

Also, there is the buzzing pressure of comparing your work. Watching what everyone else is doing will creep up some point, no matter who or how big of a deal you are. Since you can’t govern the feed, a distraction that will lead you astray will come up, eventually.

So I moved. A few things to note:

  • I disallowed comments. If you have thoughts please reach out via email. I’d love to hear from you.

  • I want to stop checking social media. I’ve found it beneficial to virtually all areas of life to ignore them. I’m reachable via e-mail, and I’m using my accounts for publishing only from now on.

  • I started Letters. It’s not a newsletter because there will seldom be news. Ok, maybe someday. I’m calling it Letters because it’s personal. I want the interaction to be meaningful. As hard as that is to accomplish online, I will try to do that via e-mail. That being said, I will not send you something unless I believe I’m creating real value. Hence, the first letter is not ready yet. (smh)

E-mail is personal, (can be) thoughtful, and there is adequate space between the parties.

Most meaningful interactions I’ve had with people online were through e-mail and video. I want to focus on both of these.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around.

P.S. I love hearing from people, so please introduce yourself. I reply to all.

(I wrote this blog post using a simple writing tip)