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What’s the one thing you cannot not do?

The opposite is doing nothing. 

You’ve got all these ideas floating around. All these signals you pick up during the day. They are ready to play. They’re ready to become something.

They are ready if you are.

It’s the sitting down that makes you a creator. Sitting down, relentlessly, throughout the days and weeks. If you show up, ideas will, too. What kind of ideas? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you show up.

If you don’t, they won’t.

The good ideas, the ideas that develop, that are elegant and insightful, those are scarce. If they’re effective, if people care, those are even more precious. The only way to find those, is to put out a lot of stuff.

Writing about writing again. 

Why do we write about writing?

In my mind, it’s simple and complex at the same time. You wouldn’t believe what writers go through to put it down on the blank page. They search the world for the perfect notebook. For the perfect pen, the perfect paper quality. They book hotel rooms, they bore themselves to death just so they do something they, after all, want and need to do.

Something they love to do, something they are very good at.

It’s the same with making anything. Except that maybe words are easier to be judged. Words are everywhere, it’s easier to compare. You can always doodle because it’s just a doodle. But anyone can judge this sentence.

If you’re a writer, there are many motivations to writing. But most of all, you’re doing it because you cannot not do it.

You want to practice and you know most of it will be shit. The 80/20 rule. Yet you go for good all the time. And it’s still shit. That is the work. The work is the time you put in at maximum effort knowing it will probably go to shit. The worst thing? Even if it’s not shit, most of the time, you won’t know.

You’re doing it because you cannot not do it.

Now, I don’t know if it’s better if I lay it out like this, or if I just repress thinking about it and do the work. I’m not alone to think about these things. Many writers write about writing. I believe all writers write about writing. Some share it with people.

It’s practice in public. And it’s probably shit.

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