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This is why your day is ruined

Since the beginning of humanity, the snap judgment was essential to our survival.

Fight or flight. Danger or safety. Black or white.

For some of us, this day and age has been the first time we don’t have to worry constantly about the imminent perpetrator.

Yet, most of the time, we do. We rush to judgment all the time because it’s instinctive.

Instinct > Emotion > Action

There is a choice though. As we mature we attain a skill. We don’t suppress our nature. We learn to separate feelings from the action.

Instinct > Emotion < Choice > Action

As we mature even further, we learn to control our emotions. We’re still people, thoughts manifest themselves instinctively. But we have a choice to label them as good or bad, practical or impractical, or rather, as thoughts. No more, no less.

The skill of maturity is seeing things for what they are in reality. Next time someone cuts you off in traffic or you yell at your kid because she did something, think about this:

Did they really ruin your day?

Or did you ruin it yourself?