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The three conclusive questions

It’s either a hell yea or it’s a no.

I used to scribble that sentence on my forearm with a sharpie. It’s great advice.

Even if you’re easily confused, drawn towards multiple directions at once. Even then, you must believe that what you’re about to do, is a hell yea.

Otherwise, you’re screwed. In multiple ways.

What’s a hell yea?

It’s a definition of an opportunity, a choice you’re about to take. A kind of choice that gets you excited in the beginning. And after you think about it, it does all the below:

  • it will be fun (will I enjoy it, is it aligned with my goals?),

  • it will be a learning opportunity (will I grow?),

  • and it will make sense financially (does it support my needs?).

You already know what’s a no.