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Speak less, say more

How much is enough?

I made a website for our studio and said very little. Some thought that anyway.

There are those who get it. And there are those who don’t. Those who do are the ones we like. Those who care enough to think about the meaning. About the why. Those open to connect with the emotion.

This is slow food as opposed to fast food. Slow fashion vs fast fashion. This is slow work. Not too slow but not fast. It’s thoughtful work. It’s writing when I have something to add. It’s posting when I have something to say not because it’s Tuesday.

Slow food vs. fast food

Doing the work for those that are ready to listen. It won’t spell it out for you. I’ll do something better. I’ll think about it a lot, I’ll put in the work to make it better. I’ll put in the work to make you think. If you care enough you will connect. Connect to the emotion that is necessary to create something new.

This will not get me views. My most viewed post has 5k views and I have no idea why. My favorite post has 700. Don’t look at the numbers.

If you show up, they will have to look for you.

The maker has another job as well. She must must find those that care and make it better for those that care enough to buy in. Those who repay the gift. She must make it easy for them to find her.

If you just make it, they won’t come. If you make it good enough, if you show up, they will have to look for you.

Those are your true fans, your best clients, your friends. Those are the ones that get it.

Those who got it reached out about our work. Those who didn’t, those reached out to say they didn’t get it. Thanks for reaching out.

I said just enough.