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Narrow the scope

You can always narrow the scope. And maybe you should. It’s easy to think too big. It's easy to stick everything up there. Everything is a priority!

Rather than doing everything, you can pick one thing. That thing can be pretty small, but complete. Say you need a website and a new logo. And then you may want to make a video, some stationary, catalogs and hey, you should make some t-shirts for the upcoming off-site.

There is no such thing as more than three priorities. Precisely, it should be a single priority. Priority means the one thing. 

But we can't say goodbye to our agendas and our egos. So we stretch the list. Now we have multiple priorities. That list is called a to-do list.

List of priorities, better yet objectives, shouldn't be the to-do list. There are multiple ways to reach an objective.

Doing less of more might be the way onward.