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Leaving Neverland

There is no free lunch.

As I age, I begin to notice a balance in the world. The radiant and the dire. The good and the bad. The free and the costly. The yin and the yang.

If you generate effort in good faith, a result will follow. An outcome you can’t really control, still, you are in control of the effort. This has been proven time after time.

However, we still hope for a shortcut. We hope that someday someone or something will come our way and we will get something for free. We will get a pass.

And then it’s all going to be ok.

I can’t help to draw this simple conclusion from the recent HBO release on Michael Jackson.

If it seems wrong, it probably is wrong.

I will leave the justice system to determine whether the allegations are right or false. This is about the perspective of the families. I want to observe the rational behind the parents trusting a powerful stranger with their small children.

The cognitive dissonance rendering people unable to discern fame from character is a known phenomenon. It’s been happening with politicians, actors and anyone in the public domain.

This is not about blame. 

This is about balance.

Many times the parents in the movie reflect on doubts they had during the episodes in contact with Jackson. They would show slight concern over some of the decisions they would take, but then they would go on anyway believing in the divinized perception of the megastar stranger with unlimited resources and constant attention.

As they mention, there has never been a star just like him. You would not dare to distrust or disobey Michael Jackson.

Further, none of them disputed his extensive, one may say disproportional attention in their little boys.

If he was sincere with his attention, why did he pick us? He can befriend anyone in the world, why does he want be friends with us?

Why does he want to help us?

Note: According to the film, Jackson promised that he will help the careers of the boys and often gave them spotlight alongside him. The alleged victims now claim he molested them, although he or his estate holders have never been convicted of these allegations.

Martin Uhnak