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History doesn’t care about your feelings

I’ve been feeling under the weather for more than two weeks. I broke my first-ever-running streak, and I haven’t been able to work.

With our baby daughter in the house and the wife working full time, it’s been a challenge to keep the atmosphere cheerful and positive. And it’s an absolute necessity to keep it that way.

I’ve thought about it a lot. I tried taking a break from everything and focus on getting rid of the sickness. I stayed in bed and did the whole routine. It took a week and got a lot better, but now it’s all back.

So basically a week wasted lying around.

Although I’ve been struggling to get better I decided I will get to work this week no matter what. There is work to be done and practice to be practiced.

I’m going to give it all at all fronts. Do my best, and hope for the best. Drive the baby to daycare, clean the kitchen, get some rest, and do some work.

The western world today is a miracle of human progress. We are free to create our own destiny. Up to this point, I haven’t been taking advantage of this amazing privilege.

Since college, I have tried many things. I learned about a few businesses, I learned how to sell and most of all, I learned that it doesn’t take a genius to be an entrepreneur.

It takes guts, a little bit of ignorance and a whole lot of discipline.

In times good and bad, it’s the consistent choices that bring results.

History does not care about your feelings.

Here is a thought experiment. When I’m reflecting on these days five or ten years down the road, will I remember this day?

Will it be significant? Will it be the day that I took action?

Will it be the one that I published that one post or that one video or sent that one email?

Or will it be the day I didn’t feel well…