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A dependable creative professional

A dream?

A designer who challenges global design trends?

A person that provides customer service better than an agency?

A world-class design expert with more than 10 000 hours under his belt?


Enter Michal, one of the true freelance professionals out of Slovakia. It’s been a privilege to work with him and learn from him.

When we first met, he shared an idea that proved to be true over and over. He said it’s better to make friends with your clients than do business with your friends.

Better to make friends with your clients than having friends as clients.

His specialties are corporate identity and packaging but he doesn’t shy away from any creative challenge.

He’s a linchpin. He goes beyond what you ask for. That’s risky. It requires courage, persistence and discipline. Because most ideas won’t work. But if you’re willing to go beyond the scope, you will find the ideas that do work.


Ideas you didn’t know you were searching for. Solutions that attract people and win awards.

In my experience with him as a client and a collaborator I’ve seen this firsthand. He has a true artistic creative process which he doesn’t put on your shoulders. You don’t see it but he’s sweating. For you.

Most ideas are bad ideas.

You don’t see it because he’s a true professional. He hits deadlines, he’s reachable and committed.

He’s working to get there even if it means most of his work will go to waste. I have personally seen him shelf multiple projects just to help the client get what they want.

There aren’t many people I can absolutely count on. This guy is one of those people. You can reach out to him here.